Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Heartwood Creek Easter Gnome with Basket Figurine by Jim Shore

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  • Front view of the Heartwood Creek Easter Gnome with Basket Figurine by Jim Shore, 6012586.
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7 1/2-inch high stone resin gnome with Easter Basket and chocolate bunny.

  • MPN: 6012586
  • Title: "Sweet Easter Charmer"
  • Introduced 2023
  • Made of Stone Resin
  • Height: 7 1/2 inches
  • Full Dimensions: 7.5in H x 3.7in W x 4.5in L
  • Weight: 0.6 pounds
  • UPC: 028399345731

The Heartwood Creek Easter Gnome Figurine by Jim Shore is a delightful embodiment of the Easter spirit, designed by the award-winning artist known for his unique style.

This 7.5-inch/19.05-cm tall figurine is part of the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Easter Collection and features a charming gnome, complete with a pastel-colored hat full of springtime flowers. In his hands, he holds the iconic symbols of Easter - a chocolate bunny and a basket, making him the "Sweet Easter Charmer", as the figurine is aptly titled.

Crafted from stone resin, this figurine is a testament to Jim Shore's artistic genius, blending traditional themes and quilt patterns with motifs inspired by American and European folk art. The meticulous hand-painting and intricate styling bring this piece to life, making it a standout addition to any Easter collection.

Packaged thoughtfully in a box with a photo on the front, this Heartwood Creek Easter Gnome Figurine makes a perfect gift for collectors and Easter enthusiasts alike. It's not just a decorative item, but a piece of art that evokes nostalgia and the joy of the season. Bring this "Sweet Easter Charmer" into your home or share it with a loved one to add a touch of Jim Shore's magic to your Easter celebrations.

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