Foundations 'Trust in the Lord' Angel Figurine

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  • Front view of the Foundations 'Trust in the Lord' Angel Figurine, 6011541.
  • Back view of the Foundations 'Trust in the Lord' Angel Figurine, 6011541.


Experience a divine connection with the Foundations 'Trust in the Lord' Angel Figurine, an exquisite piece that will fill your surroundings with an aura of faith and tranquility.

As part of a renowned collection, this angel is designed to uplift your spirit and remind you to place your trust in the loving embrace of the Lord.

Measuring at 7.7 inches in height, this figurine commands attention with its exceptional design. Expertly crafted from high-quality stone resin, it boasts a delicate linen texture that exudes sophistication and refinement.

The addition of crystal accents further enhances its allure, creating a captivating focal point wherever it is displayed.

Showcasing a profound message of faith, the front of the gown bears the powerful words "Trust in the Lord," serving as a constant source of inspiration and strength.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this Foundations figurine embodies the fusion of artistry and spirituality. Let its presence grace your home, reminding you to pause and reflect on the profound love of the Lord.

Whether you keep it as a cherished keepsake or gift it to a loved one, it will serve as a beacon of hope, a tangible representation of trust in the divine.

  • Item: 6011541
  • First Introduced 2022
  • Made of Stone Resin with crystal accents
  • Height: 7.7 inches
  • Full Dimensions: 7.7in H x 3in W x 4in L
  • Weight: 0.64 pounds
  • UPC: 028399340873
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