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X-Plus 12in (30cm) Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biter Vinyl Figure - Diamond Re-Issue - Rough Box
PRE-ORDER - X-Plus 12in Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biter Vinyl Figure - Diamond Re-Issue

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Godzilla 12in Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biting Version Previews Exclusive - North American Diamond Reissue

  • Made of vinyl
  • Approx. Height: 11 inches / 27.9 cm
  • Based on the original 1954 Toho film "Godzilla" (ゴジラ)
  • Monochrome paint scheme
  • Sculpted by Ryu Oyama
  • Diamond Item Code: JAN178434
  • UPC Code: 4532149014670

This is a Re-issue of the original 東宝30cmシリーズ 「ゴジラ1954(電車咥えモノクロver.)」 Japanese standard release. (It does not come with the RIC base.)

It is licensed for and available only in North America.

And it's back to the original King of the Monsters that started it all! This stylized sculpt of the very first Godzilla from the 1954 film sports awesome, sharp details and textures. While it is not completely screen accurate, it does capture -- perfectly -- the essence of the first Godzilla suit.

It's monochrome paint applications mimic the look of the original black and white movie.

In this sculpt, he is crushing one train car in his jaws and another in one hand. These two cars are permanently attached. A third car connects the two and comes as a separate piece which you must connect yourself. The train cars come with plastic windows set inside the vinyl for a nice effect.

Though Diamond is listing this figure as 12 inches tall, it's actually more like 11 inches. That brings it in line with the entirety of the Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection.

Some assembly required. (You need to attach the middle train car and it pops right in.)

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