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Enesco and folk artist, Jim Shore are back with brand new 2018 pieces for the Rudolph Traditions line.

Rudolph Traditions, by Enesco, features new figurines and tree ornaments for 2018.

We'll be getting more of Santa, Clarice, Hermey, Bumble and, of course, Rudolph himself! New figurines and hanging Christmas Tree ornaments will be arriving at Flossie's this July (2018).

A scene from "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" featuring Hermey and Rudolph.

The Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special first hit the airwaves on December 6, 1964. It was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, the same folks who brought us The Little Drummer Boy, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus and many more.

If you grew up watching this special on TV every Christmas, then you probably feel a swell of magical nostalgia every time you see Rudolph, Hermey and the rest of the gang.

Jim Shore's figurines and ornaments from the Rudolph Traditions series are so skillfully designed and sculpted that it's really like having the stop motion puppets in person on your shelf.

Let's have a look at some of them!

Rudolph Traditions Rudolph with light-up nose figurine. Product number 6001591.

This figurine features Rudolph in a picture-perfect pose with his winter scarf and a snowy base decorated with holly trim. It's 7 inches tall which is actually on the larger side of the scale for a figurine, so it would make a nice centerpiece.

This particular statue has a nose that actually lights up! (Batteries are added below the base.)

This figure features Rudolph with Hermey, the misfit elf.

Here's Rudolph with friend and fellow misfit, Hermey. This one is 4 inches high if you looking for something a little lighter. Say, when you look at Hermey, can't you just hear his nasaly voice talking about wanting to be a dentist?

A Bumble figurine from the Rudolph Traditions line by Jim Shore.

Oh, Bumble. He's making a mess with the Christmas lights!

A collection of Christmas tree ornaments from the Rudolph Traditions Line.

Here is a sample of hanging tree ornaments available if you like to see Rudolph and the gang sprucing up that tree instead of the mantle. Yukon here (on the left) is actually from the 2017 collection.

Imagine every Christmas after you put up the tree, the lights and the stockings you unbox your Rudolph figurines and place them on the shelf or mantle for the final touches to your holiday decor. They're sure to make your home feel all the more magical and special.

You can see the new statues and ornaments on our Rudolph Traditions page here.

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You can see the new statues and ornaments on our Rudolph Traditions page here.