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Each switchplate is carefully made by hand using a decoupage' technique. Art prints, which have been cropped to size, are mounted on each durable steel plate by hand with waterproof adhesive. Each finished plate must be free of creases, bubbles, lumps or tears! To insure quality workmanship, each plate is closely inspected before receiving several coats of acrylic sealer. We have also filled some screw holes and use only as many screws as are necessary to hold the switchplate securely. Finally, each screw is hand-painted to match the background of the switchplate and is included in the package. All materials used are made in the USA.

 Styles Available

Single   Double   Triple   Quad   Receptacle   Double Receptacle   GFI/Decor   Double GFI/Decor   Combo 1   Combo 2   Combo 3   Combo 4   GFI Combo 1   GFI Combo 2

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Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover - ST01 Amish Theme Lightswitch Covers - ST02 Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover - ST03
Switchplate - Amish Series Switchplate - Amish Series Switchplate - Amish Series
Amish Lightswitch Covers - ST08 Covered Bridge and Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover - ST14 Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover - ST172
Switchplate - Amish Series Switchplate - Covered Bridges Series Switchplate - Amish Series
Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover ST224 Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover ST200X Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover - ST237
Switchplate -Amish Switchplate - Amish Switchplate - Amish
Amish Theme Lightswitch Cover - ST238 Amish Lightswitch Covers St169
Switchplate - Amish Switchplate - Amish Series